My Hair is Short Again

I finally put some items on eBay … to finance some giving that I did last month.

I know that’s probably a really backwards way to approach Luke 12:33, but the need was urgent last month even though I couldn’t afford to help. So I did anyway. I stepped out on faith a bit.

If you haven’t heard my diatribe “What the Rich Man Lacked”, you may not know that I started letting my hair grow in April after running across notes from a chapel address two years before about the rich young ruler. I let my hair grow from that moment to remind myself that I needed to at least try to do what Jesus recommends in that passage – and insists on, to the extreme, before the rich young guy can follow Him.

Having long hair is a constant annoyance to me, so it was an effective reminder.

As it happened, a friend I used to work with had to be off from his minimum-wage job for hernia surgery for about three weeks last month. He and his wife are Hurricane Katrina refugees, land-locked in Little Rock with no transportation or way to support her kids back home. They needed to eat, to pay for her medications, to keep their electricity on during the hottest part of Arkansas summer.

So now I’m trying to sell some of my possessions to finance helping out back then.

I’ve bought plenty of stuff there, but have never sold anything on eBay before. (Well, okay, I sold a video game my son couldn’t use on his computer. He lost money on it.)

I tried several times over the last month, only to have the picture gallery part of the selling software lock up my Safari browser and then my Mac repeatedly. I finally decided to go with just one free picture.

The first item I listed sold within an hour. It felt really good.

Was that a nudge from above?

9 thoughts on “My Hair is Short Again

  1. I don’t think anyone took pictures of me while I had long hair, except maybe the bank ATM. No human would want to see them.And I think they may have caused the ATM to crash at least once in August.

  2. You broke the ATM??? Surely not!!! Okay then, everyone, for your ‘before’ pic, go up to your right, click on “Links to Look At”, then “Parenting on Purpose.” Click on the 11/29/02 article…and then imagine him with hair a couple of inches longer than that, even…I think that’s about right, isn’t it, Keith??? : )

  3. I’m sorry. I thought about that because when I found those articles…back in June, I believe–not long after I met you…I couldn’t help but think, “He looks more like this picture than the one on his blog…because of the hair!”

  4. Spending time perusing through the articles and posts of a brother who is always willing to share his heart for the Lord in whatever he writes; writings that are always challenging me to examine my relationship with God and others, search the Scriptures (one of my spare Bibles has earned a permanent spot on my computer desk, thanks to you), and figure out how to take what is written and apply it to my life to make a difference. Indeed, you’ve got a ministry here. If you still feel the need to try to find me a better hobby, be my guest…but I’m not sure a better one exists.

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