Another Wish, For The Record

I wish I knew less Bible and more Jesus.

I’m afraid I don’t know Him as well as I should because I don’t hang out where He does.

He isn’t pressed cold and dry and dead between the leaves of a book, no matter how inspired it is.

He is in the world among us, working out His will through those who are willing.

He is huddled in misery with the destitute.

He is crying out for freedom among the enslaved.

He is suffering with the dying.

He is weeping with the bereaved.

He is rescuing the perishing.

He is all those places I never go and never see and never think about because I don’t know Him well enough yet.

And although I seek Him enshrined and glorified in His Word, He is not just there. Though the words and images are powerful, they are still only memories and prophecies; records of what happened and promises of what will be; shadows of who He was and who others became because His Spirit was in them.

He still lives powerfully through those who choose to let Him. He still works and teaches and serves. He still feeds and comforts and enriches. He still helps and encourages and enables.

He still brings the ones He loves closer to His Father.

That’s where I want to see Him.

I want to see Him at work.

I want to see Him at work in this world.

I want to see Him at work through my hands, through my heart, through my head, through my spirit.

I repent.

I want to see others through His eyes.

Like the hymn that some hymnals alter because the implications seem too much for mortals, I want to sing:

Beyond the sacred page, I seek Thee, Lord …
My spirit pants for Thee, o Living Word!

Not just “within.”

But “beyond.”

5 thoughts on “Another Wish, For The Record

  1. Interesting read and I commend you for wanting to see Jesus. Somehow I think that Jesus is really not hiding himself from you…maybe you are keeping Him at a distance. My question back to you is…what are you waiting for? Why are you making it so difficult? You seem to know where he is at so why don’t you go see him now? He’s waiting

  2. I was hoping you would post something new tonight!Hmm. To think, I’m always trying to learn more Bible! I’ll have to work on this as well. Right now I seem to hear God telling me that He said “go and do” not “sit and read/write.”But then, that’s just me. There are some of you that perhaps He does want you writing, because He has blessed you all with amazing ability to teach, encourage, and bless others through your writing. Indeed, there are several of you all out in the blogosphere that would leave me heartbroken if you quit writing. Keith, I see Him at work every time you put your hands to a keyboard at a blog–whether it’s yours or someone else’s! I think that’s why I keep coming back here, hoping for more!And I also think that speaks volumes for what He’s doing through your heart, mind, and spirit. May God continue to bless you as you continue to seek Him and strive to live out His greatest command…loving Him with your heart, soul, mind, and strength.

  3. Keith I believe you are right about us all, we need to know the Lord better and depend on the bible less. I can’t remember if I ever heard that we would be saved by the grace of the bible.

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