Fred Peatross

No, I don’t know what’s happened to his blog … or to him!

His Grace Awakening site is still live.

As is the old Abductive Columns archive blog on Blogspot.

I’ve e-mailed him. I’m hoping he’ll let me know.

Because there are very few free-thinkers who can challenge and irritate and annoy and needle me like Fred does.

And I need that.

7 thoughts on “Fred Peatross

  1. Awww…that’s sad.I’ve been reading alot lately and seeing where it looks like quite a few are weary of blogging. Most recently, Dr. Eyeguy decided to take a break. Most people take a break, and they’ll be gone for a few weeks or a month or so. But (and I hope I’m wrong) I have a feeling it’ll be much longer than that before we hear from Dr. Eyeguy again. That makes me sad…he was <>absolutely<> one of my favorites.So…with these people disappearing right and left, that just means you can’t quit. Right?

  2. anonymous, I’m sorry you have to gloat here rather than at Fred’s blog. Truly sorry. I know it can’t be as much fun for you.I always appreciate your candor and honesty and courage by putting your beliefs out there for all to see and identify with you, even at great personal risk to your working, family and church relationships.That’s what witness for Christ is all about, isn’t it?

  3. I err? (Which is quite possible; hence the name of the blog.)“You guys can dish it out, but you can’t take it.” That’s observing, not gloating?Substance trumps rhetoric, anonymous – if I may dignify your comments as “rhetoric.” In simpler words, put up or shut up.What premise(s) do you consider “flawed?” Or are you just a random, drive-by pot-shotter?

  4. I’m not sure you could dignify anything, Keith. Rhetoric has nothing to do with it; and calling someone’s observation “rhetoric” is not the same as constructing an argument or defending an idea. That’s just hiding behind the misuse of a word.(Not that you wanted to know, but just in case.)I think a lot of premises are flawed, but since Peatross is not here to discuss them, there’s hardly any point. Here’s a premise perhaps you could speak to: you say you’re questioning reality; how’s that working out for you? Any insights?How does one question reality?

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