See You at Pepperdine!

Yeah, it’s true! Angi and I will be presenting a class at the Lectureship this spring about using Darryl Tippens’ Pilgrim Heart and our Group Guide for it in several different learning situations.

Our church’s 30+ LIFE Groups will have an opportunity to use these materials in a study of spiritual formation beginning next month (the LIFE Group we’re a part of did so last spring), so we’ll be picking up pointers all the way until the day we leave, I imagine.

If you come, expect Angi to do the heavy lifting, just as she did in writing the Group Guide. She is, after all, the college professor between us; the one with the Ph.D. – and my B.A. and I simply provide the occasional moment of comedy relief. Folks, I knew I was marrying way above my caste, years ago! It’d be one thing if I were qualified to hold up the domestic end of the partnership, but most people don’t survive my cooking.

Hey, if she did nothing but spend the class time sharing some of her audacious recipes and provided samples, I guarantee it would be a spiritually forming experience for all present.

So come join us out on the Granola Coast if you can!

But don’t expect recipe samples.

10 thoughts on “See You at Pepperdine!

  1. You and Angi teaching at Pepperdine…I figured it was true! (I heard from a very reliable source.)I’m sure your class will be wonderful. It’s an excellent book. And an excellent guide. And come on, Keith, I’m sure y’all could work in the recipe samples somehow! Isn’t there a chapter on feasting??? πŸ˜‰ Would love any opportunity to ‘sit at your feet’ and learn from you (in person), but I’m sure I’d especially love the opportunity to do so at the Pepperdine Lectures. <>*SIGH*<> One of these days, I guess… …I will go experience the Pepperdine Lectures sometime before I die. In the mean time, am I allowed to be insanely jealous???

  2. I might see you there – I don’t know yet. We started the book and your guide yesterday in a new class. So far, so good! πŸ™‚

  3. That Girl stole my thunder. How about I am teaching a new class using your study guide and the book. Maybe I too will make it out again. It was a great experience last year.

  4. I am SO there already, and it makes me do back flips to know you are going to be there again!Let’s do lunch again one day while we are there…..I can already smell those cooked out burgers! πŸ™‚DU

  5. OBW Keith, do they have a wailing wall there ? πŸ™‚ Keith can you take a few pictures and put them on your post so I can copy them, Just in case St Peter ask, at least I will have a picture.

  6. Keith, I have a question I’ve wanted to ask you for awhile, not too far off the subject…In your study guide (in the chapter on feasting, actually!) y’all wrote about a shared meal/communion experience with your small group. I thought, “Wow! Did they really do that???” I thought of it again recently, as I’m finishing up Hicks’ <>Come to the Table<> and also as I’ve recently experienced some really good times of fellowship (not necessarily communion) but just table fellowship w/some in my singles group.So I would just love for you to share more about this experience of yours? How did it work, how many people there, what all did you all do and talk about?Just wondering…

  7. Truth is, Angi was a part of that and I only got to experience it vicariously through her recounting of it. It was a group comprised of some of the members of our LIFE Group and a few others who had been studying <>Come to the Table<> and had a more “Passover-flavored” meal.

  8. Ahh..I see. I’m almost done w/his book, just a couple more chapters to go, and in fact, I just finished the one the other night, where he actually suggests participating in such a meal and makes suggestions on how to go about it. So that reminded me of the suggestion from the study guide and the fact that your life group had actually done it! I just thought that was really interesting!

  9. So glad to hear BOTH you & Angi will be a Pepperdine! I can’t wait! It’s such a “shot in the arm” for me.Thank you, too, for y’all’s work on the “Pilgrim Heart” discussion guide. I’m so hoping our Honeymooners will read it, if they haven’t already. I’m really glad PV is doing it!

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