Prayer Request for Preacherman

Please pray for my blogging brother Kinney Mabry, who blogs as “preacherman” at

He has been suffering severe migraines of late, and though a CAT scan showed no tumors, he is concerned about an upcoming neurological exam.

I have migraines from time to time, too, but I have only had the debilitating, fetal-position-in-a-cool-dark-room-thank-God-I-don’t-have-a-gun-in-the-house kind three times that I can remember. (You don’t want to remember them.)

Also please remember storm victims in the midwest states through which the storms and tornadoes tore a swath last night; my church’s Luke 10:37 response team is gearing up to go to north central Arkansas as soon as possible. (One of their leaders is unavailable right now, since he’s down in Honduras building a couple of houses as a volunteer.)

But especially lift Kinney to the Father.

2 thoughts on “Prayer Request for Preacherman

  1. Keith,Thank you so much for all the prayers. I can feel them working and the strength for all the comments. God is so good. Thank you so much for all you do brother. In Him,Kinney Mabry

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