New Look at New Wineskins

Bigger. Brighter. Different type face. Hopefully a little easier to navigate and search, with a three-way search engine option that lets you select the New Wineskins site, the ZOE Group site, or just the ZOE Life Store. (Though you’ll still get “E-Commerce” results at the bottom of the first two searches.)

Those were my goals in the redesign of the sites, and I would appreciate your feedback, suggestions, bug sightings and complaints.

Greg Taylor, now Senior Editor, leads off the “R is for Revolution” edition with a chapter from his upcoming book, One Church from Leafwood Press. If reading New Wineskins makes you grumble about the old wine and the old paths being better, this article will send you running for the southern comfort of your old wineskin.

In it, he dares to suggest that there might actually be believing, saved Christians outside the confines of the Churches of Christ.

He asserts that our fellowship may not be as involved in activities to lead others closer to Christ as we should be.

And he concludes,

We’re called to unity with all Christians everywhere who call Christ Lord. When Jesus prayed his unity prayer, he didn’t parse every doctrine and neither will I here. We live the Christ-life and follow the rule of the Holy Spirit to keep that everlasting covenant God the Father has kept since creation. Christ and Paul and our own more recent forefathers such as Thomas Campbell call us to produce fruit and look for fruit of the Spirit in the lives of fellow disciples. Will Churches of Christ, Christian Churches/Churches of Christ, and Disciples of Christ join this new restoration?

The comments attached to the article are beginning to accumulate like the ones posted to Editor Emeritus Mike Cope’s blog.

And there are even more challenging articles to come in this edition.

Look, you don’t have to agree with everything that’s published in New Wineskins. (In fact, I don’t. And my new title with it is Managing Editor.) But if it prods you to re-examine what you believe and what you practice in your walk of faith (as well as what you don’t practice but perhaps should), then your time and mine and Greg’s and Mike’s and a lot of other folks’ has not been wasted.

7 thoughts on “New Look at New Wineskins

  1. Do people really think there is a salvation gap from 400 AD to 1800 AD and that until the restoration movement came about that no one had been a Christian for well over 1000 years? That would be very arrogant to say.

  2. Whew! Good to know. Not that I don’t like it…It’s a good design…for <>Wineskins<>…But <>so different<> from your usual look…

  3. So it is temporary? I checked out New Wineskins yesterday and then when I came to yours this morning, got it again. Thought….oooh a bug he needs to know about!?!So glad to know it is temporary.

  4. Glad to know I’m not the only one that feels that way. I felt a little bad for saying so earlier, but now I’m glad to know I’m not alone.Your usual design, w/the black backgroud and the eye…has been <>basically<> the same for at least the past two years…it’s so <>you<>…really, the only <>“you”<> i’ve known for the past two years……you can’t just go <>CHANGING<> stuff like that!(Okay, maybe you can.)

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