A Prayer Before Blogging

“If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!” ~ Jesus, Luke 11:13

Father God, to You be honor and power and glory forever and ever through Your kingdom and through Christ Jesus, Your Son. May this humble blog be Yours, as well.

Inspire the thoughts that take wing here, and ground the thoughts that are not Yours. Forgive when there is too much me, and not enough Thee.

I want Your will to be done in this world as it is done around Your throne.

I want Your Story to be told on this world as truly as it is reality in heaven.

I want Your Kingdom to be fully infused with this world as it is firmly established in eternity.

Please let your Holy Spirit rest upon the writer of this blog. Please pour Him out on Your servant, and fill Your servant with Him, so that Your glory might not only be reflected, but also glow from within …

That Your servant may be light to this world, as Jesus is the Light of the world

That Your servant may be salt in this world, as its Savior gives savor to an otherwise tasteless life

That Your servant may be leaven for this world, which needs the Bread of Heaven more than anything else

I beseech through the One Who is the Word from the beginning …

may this always be so.

4 thoughts on “A Prayer Before Blogging

  1. Wow. Keith, I love this.“Too much me, and not enough Thee”…that sounds familiar…I love your attitude toward your writing, and your heart for our Lord. Thank you for sharing.(Philemon 4)

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