Forgive Me For Not Blogging

Or not.

I’ve been a bit too busy to tend to it as it deserves, so I’ve taken a bit of a sabbatical while furiously trying to transfer the information from my church’ family’s current site to its new site. The current site may or may not be transferred to new servers, and our contract with the current provider officially expires tomorrow, June 1.

I have tried to keep up with a post each morning at the Daily Life of Worship blog.

And I’m holding things together at home with duct tape while our upstairs air conditioning is out, and Angi is teaching out of town for a week, and Matt and I are taking Laura and her friend to Camp Tahkodah tomorrow for the week.

So blogging, and a lot of other things have gone un-done.

As the actors who portrayed the fictional Bartles and Jaymes in wine-cooler commercials twenty-some years ago used to say: “Thank you for your support.”

8 thoughts on “Forgive Me For Not Blogging

  1. Keith, bro! I’m sorry to hear things aren’t going so smoothly!<>Really<> sorry to hear about that a/c, especially w/this lovely weather we have, with it’s June-going-on-August 95 degree temps and lots of humidity.I’ve enjoyed the Daily Life of Worship posts! Thanks for those!

  2. Now you’ve gone and done it…..mentioning “Bartles and Jaymes”. I guess you will be going forward soon! 🙂Sorry things are crazy for you right now, brother! Been there, done that.Post when you can!DU

  3. My blogging hiatus ended today. It was the first time in a long time without having a post up pretty much every day, and it did me good.I’m glad it’s over, though….

  4. And our church’s teen site has been hacked over the weekend, now.And the singles site is offline, too.*SIGH*

  5. Yeah, I was really bummed about the singles website. Haven’t been able to get it up since about 5:30 last night.So then I wondered if it was just us and pulled up the teen website and saw it. I was like, “What on earth!”At least the main church site is still in tact for now.

  6. Keith,I pray things will get better and you will have a blessed week. Enjoy your sabatical.I added your new blog to my favorites. I am excited about reading your blog daily. 🙂

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