That’s Just Sad

I can’t remember now whether presidential candidate Ross Perot ever actually uttered those words, or whether mimic Dana Carvey just said them so convincingly “in-character” that we all thought he did.

You know what’s just sad to me?

When people have to close the comments of their blog – or even restrict their readership to those who have signed up and signed in each time – because of the unChristian acts and words and motives of a few.

Some of my casual blog reads have “disappeared” into Privacy World as a result of such selfishness on the part of visitors.

I have been the recipient of a great deal of grace in being able to keep this blog open, and though I have seen flashes of conflict and occasional ungraciousness in the comments on it, for the most part I have seen an extraordinary amount of lovingkindness shown to the different opinion and the one who holds it.

I guess I just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you to all of you who read and comment here; for the grace you show me and each other and for a generally loving and accepting spirit displayed in your words.

I am grateful to God for each and every one of you.

10 thoughts on “That’s Just Sad

  1. I know it has been said many times, “You can’t earn or deserve grace”BUT YOU DO, because you give it to so many others.I believe it is a great thing to discuss what we believe, if done with a civil tongue, You can’t learn anything, if you both believe the same thing. Even if you have to agree to disagree, I believe you learn something from a good discussion.

  2. vKeith,I want to thank you brother for changing my faith and helping it to strech and grow over the past year and half. God is so God. It is sad when we see Christians not growing, feeling comfortable with just coming to worship on Sunday A.M. and Wed. night. I want to thank you brother for you thoughts, prayers and encouragment that you have been to me. I pray that our relationship will be enriched over the years. God bless you in all you do. May God bless your family, ministry, health, finances, and all you do borther. Keep up the great job that you do with this blog!

  3. I just write casual stuff for fun and to stay in touch with family but I saw the ugliness on other blogs and it was getting closer to me so I decided privacy was my best option. It IS sad and that is just too bad!

  4. Keith, I’m w/Laymond here. In all your comments that I’ve seen here and elsewhere, I’ve never seen you respond to anyone with anything other than grace (even when the other person might have been less than graceful.)I can’t tell you how much I appreciate reading your blog and am grateful to God for you as well, my brother.

  5. Hey, Keith –What you write about IS very sad. I’ve never had TOO much trouble with ugliness on my blog, but then I don’t usually talk about controversial things! (Not saying that YOU do, of course.)I just delete those comments that are ugly and/or emails I get. I hope all the time that it will never come to a point where I have to go private. Ummh, umh, umh . . .Cheers & Blessings to you all today!Dee

  6. There have been times when I wanted to say things I know I would have regretted later. I am glad I didn’t. I never thought about how it affected others in the way you described. Thanks for your kind words.Lance

  7. What you’re writing about is part of a bigger picture: The internet is changing. It’s harder to send basic e-mail now because people have had to set their filtering so aggressively that legitimate messages get held up.My own blog originated at, and that site got so much spam they had to eventually shut the whole thing down. I think it’s now a community blog or something. Thankfully, the filtering is good where I am now.I also do some writing — under a different name — at The Idea Club, which is part of the religion page at USA Today and it’s amazing to me the venom that flies back and forth there under the guise of religious dialog. The simplest topic easily turns into a Protestant vs. Catholic war of words. Or worse. Mind you, it’s a largely unmoderated page.The thing that bothers me most is when I hear about a Christian site that comes highly recommended; only to find out it’s gone private.

  8. You my friend are a gentleman and a scholar in the classic understanding of both. You are patient and full of grace. Even when you disagree with me (you shouldn’t LOL) I still feel the love.His peace,Royce

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