Confession is Good for …

… the soul, you say?

Then I must confess that I have not practiced what I preached. Not very much, anyway.

Almost 13 months ago I preached my one-and-only sermon, What the Rich Man Lacked.

I prayed about having not practiced what Jesus preached afterwards. I came to a conclusion: Jesus meant what He said. Whether He commanded or asked or instructed or advised us to “sell your possessions and give to the poor,” I believe He meant it to be something that would bless others and bless us for doing it – not just in the next world, but this one as well. So I decided that the Nike hermeneutic was best for this scripture: “Just do it.”

And so I did. A little. A few sales on eBay. A little money forwarded from my PayPal account to an online charity well-spoken of for its work in digging water wells in remote areas of Africa and other drought-hindered lands.

Not very much.

If I had done a lot, I wouldn’t have told you at all. I would’ve kept it to myself.

But I didn’t do a lot. I didn’t bless others very much. So it’s no wonder there was little blessing in it for me.

If confession is good for something, maybe it’s good for letting friends know of your failure to your commitment, so they can hold you accountable to it.

Will you hold me accountable?

5 thoughts on “Confession is Good for …

  1. Keith, bro, I’m always here for whatever you need.“Nike hermeneutic”–that’s really good!So…in the spirit of holding you accountable…what do you plan to do about this? More e-baying??? Or something else???

  2. Hard to come down on you and hold you accountable for something I don’t do very well, either. We look for ways to help others, but the money is not always there to give “like I would like.” So, I will try harder as you inspire me to try harder.

  3. Keith, not all Christians, but a lot of them need to look at their savings accounts and ask why am I saving this money when so many of the children of the world have nothing or little to eat, then look at what Jesus said about laying up treasure here on earth, and saving for the future when today might be our last day.

  4. I’m with you here. I’m convicted of how much of what’s been given to me I re-invest in me rather than in others. So, it’s been a week or so, any ideas yet? 😀

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