Seven Years

Tomorrow will be seven years.

So much has been said and written, painted and filmed, discussed and rehashed about the horrific events of that day, I have no hope that I can add sense to the senselessness, add poetry to the grace shown by so many, add honor and dignity to the lives lost and the lives given to save others.

But I will dispassionately sound a note for justice.

I will not scream. I will not weep. I will not shout. I will not demand.

I will continue to insist on justice.

I will continue to require my government – whatever agency, party, department, wing, functionary, official, commander or civil servant can serve – I will continue to require my government to ferret out the mastermind of the attacks of 9/11 and all of his minions, and bring them to justice before a court that is equally dispassionate and equally insistent that right should be done.

Not vengeance, which is the Lord’s.

Not overreaction, which is inexcusable.

Not freedom to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness beyond the reach of law and decency.

Not forgiveness, which is not the property of such a court to give.


Pure and simple.

And now.

Seven years is unacceptable.

5 thoughts on “Seven Years

  1. Excellent, Keith. Yours is the most Christ-like response to that day that I have read yet.And Royce, your comment is true as well. Sometimes I think that the only thing we learned from that day was that you could intimidate a debate opponent by challenging his/her “patriotism.”

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