Faith, Greed and the Economy

Our economy is faltering because it is based on two things that should balance each other: faith and greed.

They are out of balance because greed got the upper hand; because financial institutions preferred to go bankrupt rather than refinance loans that they should not have made in the first place. They had faith that they could satisfy their greed by making loans to people who could not repay them, and those people had faith in the economy to grow so that they could earn more and pay more on ballooning loans so they could satisfy their greed for a home they could not afford, and employers had faith that they could satisfy their greed by being more loyal to stockholders than they have been to their employees or even to their customers.

Now that faith has been betrayed – by nearly all of us – and the ripples have begun to spread outward from those assets dropping into the tank, and chaos is beginning to result from the interaction of the ripples.

Last week, the stock market plummeted.

Today, the stock market skyrocketed – probably as much because people saw the opportunity to satiate greed at good prices as it was the result of any decision or policy or rescue.

Neither movement fixed anything that was broken. And more chaotic undulations are likely before balance is regained.

There are many solid, Christian writers who have adequately pointed out where (that is, in Whom) we should have had our faith, and I won’t bother to echo their wisdom.

What’s important now is to decide where we go from here.

What’s important to realize is that nothing has essentially changed with regard to the basic, real assets that this nation and the world have at their disposal: energy, innovation, natural resources, manufacturing capability, skilled labor – and all of the other good things with which God blessed this unique planet.

I don’t agree with all of the observations and policies of John McCain (nor his opponent Barack Obama), but if this is what he meant when he said that the fundamentals of the economy are sound, I could not agree more.

But if those fundamentals are to include greed and self-interest completely unbalanced by faith in God’s providence and in each other, then things get out of whack and assets get dropped and economies tank and ripples collide.

2 thoughts on “Faith, Greed and the Economy

  1. Keith,If you get on my blog you will see that my family is asking for prayers and financial assistance. One thing I have seen over the bad economy is that believers are not giving as much or in my case stopped giving to missions. It does hurt those who work in smaller churches, and missionaries the most. Yet, like David said, “I have never seen the righteous forsake or begging for bread.” I know in my situation God always provides for my needs. Not my wants. My needs. There is a huge difference. God is teaching me how to be humble in asking for prayer and help. He is teaching me that pride isn’t what life is about. It is such a hard lesson but I am learning so much from my Lord. I have learned to be content whether in need or plenty and that is that my faith and every aspect of my life is given over to Almighty God. He satisfies every need. I wish every believer would just trust and understand that everything is going to be okay. I wish the economy wouldn’t impact giving to God and His work. I pray for more faith. I pray for those who are suffering. I pray that Christians will step up and take care of those who are in need and hurting. Thank you Keith for this post. God bless your work here on this blog and your ministry. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. You are making a Kingdom difference!

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