Joshua 3; Matthew 3 – Going Where Others Could Not

52 Weeks at the Table – Week 11

Joshua went where Moses could not go – into the land promised to Abraham (Genesis 12:7), to Isaac and his descendants (Genesis 24:7), to Moses and his followers (Exodus 3:17). The Lord provided access to the land by parting the waters of the Jordan River just as He had provided escape from Egypt through the Red Sea (Joshua 3) – the very same river where Jesus would be baptized (Matthew 3) hundreds of years later. Through Jesus, the Father would provide access to Himself (Romans 5:1-5).

Joshua chose twelve men, each to carry a stone of remembrance from the Jordan to build an altar to the Lord (Joshua 4); his namesake Jesus chose twelve men and named their faith as cornerstones in the building of His assembly; His church (Matthew 16:13-20) – which the gates of Hades could no more overcome than Jericho could reinforce its own walls against the call of the final trumpet. The parallels extend even to the saving of a woman with many sins who showed faith through kindness (Luke 7:36-50) as Joshua’s spies had spared Rahab (Joshua 2; 6). Jesus’ plan – His passion; His sacrifice on the altar of crossbeams – was to spare us, wanderers in deserts of sin and self, and empower us to conquer and build and reside in a land long promised to those who believe.

Only He could go where we could not (Hebrews 9).

A Prayer Over the Bread

God of mercy and grace; of righteousness and justice … Yours is all glory and praise for Your compassion on Your children of promise. Nothing we have done; nothing we have achieved brings us closer to You or into Your assembled people – Your church. Thank You for making us members of the body of Christ through the giving of His body, remembered as steadfastly as stone through this bread. Thank You for hearing our prayers through Him: Amen!

A Prayer Over the Cup

Father of patriarchs, prophets and priests … we glorify You and give thanks for our deliverance through waters of peril and promise by Your unmatched power. Through the fluid power of the blood that coursed through the veins of Your Son we have deliverance from sin and guilt and self, and we cannot forget the promise to draw us closer to the land of Your heart as we share it and pray through Jesus: Amen!

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