What’s So Good About It?

An innocent Man, already tortured within moments of death, struggles to lift himself on feet nailed to a cross in order to take another breath. He has been doing it for hours. While afternoon darkness gathers, He will continue to do it for a few more.

It’s Good Friday.

What’s so good about that?

Nothing, if the Man were not the very Son of God.

Nothing, if the burdened cross was not succeeded by the empty tomb.

Nothing, if grace had not supplanted law.

It’s good because He is perfect.

It’s good because He lends us His righteousness.

It’s good because He commends His Spirit to God, who pours Him out on us.

It’s good because there is evening and morning, a third day.

And God sees that it is good.

2 thoughts on “What’s So Good About It?

  1. I didn’t have the best of Good Fridays and I should have been more focused on Jesus instead of myself.

    Thanks for sharing,

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