The Hiatus

I could use lots of excuses: Summer. Travel. Workload. Posting a lot of back issues of New Wineskins to its site.

All of them have contributed to my delay in posting here.

But behind all of them is the problem of where to go next. You see, in the table meditations I’ve been trying to write in an order roughly following the timeline of scripture, we’ve come to that part of the Story of God and us in which we’ve sinned, heinously, and God has again put us into exile from His house … and His presence and despite our pleas and penitence, His response is pretty much silence.

For four hundred years.

That means “where to go next” is to the gospels, and to begin the story of the new covenant and the promises and prophecies coming true at last. It’s daunting. It’s the challenge of telling the Story of God and us in present tense, and first person – and He now has a name: Jesus.

It’s everything that the first part of the Story has been building toward.

He is the answer after the silence; the answer to the pleas and penitence; the response to the heinous sins.

Give me a little more time to prepare, and we’ll put our heads down and launch forward into the next part of the Story.

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