I Baptized My Daughter Last Night

I told her – and her gathered friends and family – it was the moment that every Christian parent prays about for their child from the moment of birth … or adoption.

Still … it wasn’t quite the way I had pictured it; or quite the way I had hoped.

You see, I began picturing it and hoping it a long time ago, as I said. Continuously! And back among those years of picturing, hoping and praying were three years in Abilene, Texas at a church where our friends Randy and Jackie immersed their teen-aged daughter, together, and spoke words of blessing over her. So, of course, as nothing about that strikes me as the least bit unscriptural, I could not help but picture that moment shared with Angi right there in the water with our children and me.

No one in that pool of baptismal water would be “lording it over” anyone about anything – least of all authority, which belongs to Christ in totality (Mathew 28:18) but sharing a mile-marker moment, a privilege of ongoing instruction, a blessing made possible only by the Lord.

But that’s not the way it happened. Laura could have just as easily asked a minister at our church … a counselor at Bible camp … a teacher from her Christian school … all kinds of people! … to immerse her into Christ. She chose Daddy, and I’ll always be grateful and honored that she did.

Her sweet nature and generosity are already more example than I deserve or can live up to. (As if that weren’t enough, I also have her brother Matt and mom Angi to look up to!)

As more years pass, if we can all mature in Christ together, feeling free to speak and do and live for Him, all the time and in every place, it will be more than enough for this old soul.

11 thoughts on “I Baptized My Daughter Last Night

  1. AMEN, AMEN, and AMEN! Very happy for you both!

    I baptized my caughter in the Pecos River this past June, and your right it’s not quite how you pictured it all those days from her birth till that day. It’s better – unforgetable. I will always remember the taste of the salt water as I kissed her forehead as it reminds me to be the salt of the earth.

    Adam, I hope you do cry. I wept tears of joy.

    Blessings on her from God as she bears the marks of Christ.

    Steve Valentine

  2. Keith, I wish Angi was in there with you along with Matt. You are right that no one should be “lording it over”.

    But I am glad she chose you. And as I said on FB, I’m smiling with you.

  3. If anyone asks the highlight of my 30 years of preaching, I would say the baptizing of my two children. Our son was a LONG time coming to this decision on his own. CONGRATULATIONS!!

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