All Wineskins and New Wineskins Archives Now Online

I’m a little tardy with the announcement, but …

For the first time ever, all of the articles in both the online and printed editions of New Wineskins and Wineskins are available free online.

You can access any edition, all the way back to the inaugural issue in 1992, through the Archives link.

Some older issues have been named or themed in order to give you a more accurate idea of content.

While indexing by topic and author is still an ongoing process, you can always use the “Search” blank at the top left of any page to find articles with a keyword or an author’s name.

Some of the articles are timely – and you’ll read reactions to the Columbine shootings, the L.A. riots, the fall of the Berlin Wall and 9-11-01. Others are simply timeless.

You’ll agree with some of them. You won’t agree with all of them. (I don’t!) But if you permit yourself, you’ll examine what you believe and why all over again – and be blessed by meditating on those matters.

You might even find yourself drawn closer to God through Christ; closer to your brothers and sisters in your church family; closer to the person that the Lord wants you to become. (I do!)

You can comment on – if the scripts are functioning correctly – every article in the archive. Every one. You can register and/or log in to the site using your old subscription user name and password (or user name and password) to participate in discussions in the Forums.

There are excerpts from at least a dozen books on the site, reviews for more than fifty.

Almost fifty interviews and conversations with noted theologians, authors and thinkers are onsite.

You’ll find a new area, News from the Vineyard, recapping current events in Christianity.

It’s all free. No subscription since 2007.

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