Updating My Own Archives

My, has it really been four-and-a-half years since The Christian Affirmation? And has it made all the difference its authors had hoped?

Well, looking back into my archives, I discovered that it has a different home now:


Don’t use the old URL. It’s evidently been allowed to expire or has been hacked – in either case, it seems to be in the care of some German-speaking porno promoters. That’s probably a more understandable, though no less despicable, incursion on the site than by those half-wits who went about using the online form to sign other people’s names, or totally foobulant names featuring uncomplimentary puns and other intendedly-humorous characteristics.*

At this viewing, I still count far less than a hundred signatories of the Affirmation. (Even including Howard Norton twice, since he did.)

One other update. My one and only sermon MP3 now resides at What The Rich Man Lacked. I’ve edited out the excessively long and unrelated introduction, which was actually what I was asked to speak about from the pulpit. But the sermon weighed more heavily on my heart. And it still does.

*I was going to define “foobulant” here – a word coined by one of my college roommates – but like David Gerrold’s composed word “creebing,” it defines itself from the context. And, Rick, I apologize if I misspelled “foobulant.”

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