The Truth About Halloween

There once was a holiday
that honored God’s saints
that merged with a pagan day –
dread had no restraints.

The Samhain* commemorates;
bad spirits are feared …
All Hallow’s Eve celebrates
His children revered.

How the clean and the unclean
could blend in a mess?
But the truth about Halloween:
It’s anyone’s guess!

As if what’s in our own mind
isn’t frightening enough,
in the scriptures you can find
plenty scary stuff.

Though there once was a witch who
called up Samuel’s ghost,
it was what King Saul might do
that scared her the most! [1 Samuel 28]

There may be many curses
and threats to our cheer,
but in dozens of verses,
our God says, “Don’t fear.” [Isaiah 41:10]

Of ghouls, vampires and mummies
it can just be said
that, in spite of those dummies,
only God wakes the dead. [Ezekiel 37]

It’s fun to dress and be seen
in costumes arrayed
But the truth about Halloween?
“Do not be afraid.” [Genesis 15:1]

It’s exciting with masks on;
it’s fun to know thrill –
but there are evil persons
who hurt and who kill.

So caution has always been
the best trick you’ve got
But the treat about Halloween
is God says, “Fear not.” [Isaiah 43:1]

Satan, who was prince of the air,
sent evil, no doubt,
to give a child a bad scare –
Jesus threw him out! [Matthew 17]

Then, that prince-who-had-not-been
nailed Jesus to a tree …
and the truth about Halloween
was Easter, you see. [Acts 2:24]

To those who would cause harm
and bring terror near,
God sends this solemn alarm:
“It’s Me you should fear.” [Matthew 10:28]

For His children, always seen,
who hold His truth dear,
Here’s the truth about Halloween:
“My love casts out fear.” [1 John 4:18]

*Pronounced “Sow-win.”

© 2009, W. Keith Brenton

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