Is God Hearing My Prayers?

Short answer: Of course.

Long answer: Maybe it just seems like He isn’t, because you’re not getting the answer you want or expect or soon enough to suit you.

I’m not one for checklisting your prayers, but here’s a few thoughts. Maybe it would help you perceive God listening, if you’re not already doing these things, by …

This isn’t a comprehensive list. And none of these are guarantees that you will get what you want or receive the answer to the questions you ask or even feel better.

But you will have spent time with God. He will have listened, already knowing what you wanted to tell Him, and you will have acknowledged that He is the only One in the universe who can and who wants to and who will.

And that is a very wonderful, important, blessed thing to remember.

(At least, it is for me.)

7 thoughts on “Is God Hearing My Prayers?

  1. Thanks for the reminders. Prayer is God’s blessed design for his people to get from him what they need and desire. Over and over again we are encouraged to pray, and commanded to do so, but I fail so often to obey in this discipline of the faith.

    Ask, Seek, Knock, ASK. Those who ask receive, those who seek find what they need, and the door is opened to those who knock.

    It sounds trite but it is true, the only people who get their prayers answered are those who pray.

  2. “Pray on a mountain with friends. (Luke 9:28)”

    While I think the terrain is optional, I think we leave this one out FAR too often, especially when you notice how many of the “prayer promises” we struggle with are not written to individual believers, but in 2nd person plural — to the community of faith praying together for the same thing Jesus wants (‘in his name’).

  3. Beach only. And family-only; nothing with just teens authorized. And only if the families pray while kneeling.

    Sorry. Them’s the rules.

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