Praying for ‘Contending for the Faith’

If you are already aware of this lectureship in Texas, the title of this post may take you aback.

But I’m serious about it.

The very nature, tone, and subject matter of the lectures deeply disturbs and even angers me. (I wrote in anger about it elsewhere, but am trying to get over the anger.)

Wednesday night, as I was brooding silently while the rest of the good folks in my LIFE Group were discussing Dallas Willard’s Hearing God, I asked Him what I should do to conquer that anger.

After a while, the answer became as clear as could be: Pray for them.

Pray for each one of the lecture speakers by name, every day of the lectures, February 28 – March 3.

Pray what you would pray for your own minister, any minister, even yourself – if you were speaking on behalf of the Lord anytime and anywhere:

That God would speak powerfully through you. That you would speak only His words. That you would speak words that would build up and encourage the fellowship of believers. That you would speak words that would sustain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. That you would speak words that would draw people closer to God through Jesus Christ, by lifting Him up.

That is what I intend to do.

I will pray for David P. Brown, Terry Hightower, Lester Kamp, Lynn Parker, Skip Francis, Daniel Coe, Sonya West, Bruce Stulting, Daniel Denham, Ken Chumbley, Paul Vaughn, John West, Danny Douglas, Gene Hill, Doug Post, Wayne Blake, Michael Hatcher, Johnny Oxendine, John Rose, Jimmy Gribble, Lee Moses, Gary Summers, Jess Whitlock, Dub McClish, and the elders of the host church, Kenneth D. Cohn, Buddy Roth and Jack Stephens.

And I invite you to join me.

10 thoughts on “Praying for ‘Contending for the Faith’

  1. I was struggling with a minister who was way more conservative and in a negative way than I am. I started praying for him and his family. I felt my heart change when I did. I still do not agree with him, and I left the church where he ministered, but praying for him did soften my heart towards him. God works when we let him….

  2. Keith, I agree with Donna, she didn’t say it just this way, but maybe you are praying for the wrong one. I have never prayed for you to see things “my way” I have prayed “let me see things your way, if it is the right way. needless to say I have never received any enlightenment on my and your major disagreement.

  3. Keith,

    You said “Pray what you would pray for your own minister, any minister, even yourself – if you were speaking on behalf of the Lord anytime and anywhere:”

    I have difficulty believing they are “speaking on behalf of the Lord”. I do agree with every word of the next paragraph and agree that praying for them is noble.

    It seems that anyone who has ever taught the truth about God’s gace has made the “apostate’s” list with them. I can’t imagine the Lord speaking about so many good men in the way these guys surely will. They are not speaking on the Lord’s behalf when they call Christians apostates whose only offense is not teaching salvation as a legal obligation for God to save (or keep saved) those who perform well enough.


  4. To paraphrase Keith , if you are speaking on behalf of the Lord anytime and anywhere: pray,”That God would speak powerfully through you. That you would speak only His words.”
    A better rule for speaking the truth, was never spoken.( may I say here that, that is the only way to form your belief as well)Jesus Christ said he only voiced the words given him by God, Jesus tells us the Holy Spirit will not speak on his own. Yet there are men who speak things that are not spoken of in the bible, and teach these “doctrines of men” as doctrines of God. They will admit that this doctrine is not a truth spoken by God, yet they teach it because they believe it might be insinuated in scripture somewhere, even if they have to collect many different scriptures to back the doctrine.We have what we call conservative Christians, and some we call liberal, and the twain hardly ever meet. but when it behooves them in their arguments, neither are bashful to pull out the old (Speak where God speaks) and continue on their sinning ways,(because they have no doubt, they are right)what disheartens me is they will abandon the words of God to prove their point. Well we should take Keith’s advise (this time) and speak what God spoke only, teach what Jesus taught. If it was good enough for Christ, and the Holy Spirit, is it not good enough for man? Speak what God speaks as Jesus did.
    Mk:12:32: And the scribe said unto him, Well, Master, thou hast said the truth: for there is one God; and there is none other but he:

  5. One positive thing about this conference is that I was able to look at their lecture schedule and immediately add all of the books they are teaching against to my Amazon wish list in order to read them as much as possible. It was nice of them to give me such a good list of books đŸ™‚

  6. Interesting. Most of the books on their list are volumes I loan out as must-reads. I counted 23 books mentioned. I have 16 of them on my shelf and I have read half of them. As for the speakers at this lecture, I never heard of any of them. Anyway, Matt is right. They do provide a good reading list.

  7. Yes we need to pray for them but I also pray there sort of thinking and approach to the Bible and Christian faith diminishes more and more among our fellowship.

    Grace and peace,

    K. Rex Butts

  8. I too will pray for them. They are like Paul in that they believe what they are doing is for the cause of Christ. We know that the arrogance of this segment of the kingdom hinders God’s work. This can’t please God. Certainly God can take care of this situation. Nothing could be better than our asking Him to intervene.

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