And It Came To Pass

I’ve published the first verse of this item at the end of a post before – because it was all I could remember of it.

I just ran across the whole thing, which I wrote in 1983 not long after my divorce from my first wife became final. (I’ve been writing bad poetry for a long time.)

Here’s the entirety of it. Strap on your anti-Vogon earplugs and eyeshields.

And It Came To Pass

” ‘And it came to pass…'”
the old man would say
was his favorite Bible verse.
“The best times and the worst;
all the last things and the first:
not a one of them comes to stay
but they come to pass.”

So she came to pass
one day, into my life
and found her way to my heart.
Our love grew right from the start.
I never dreamed we’d grow apart
when we promised as man and wife
that our love would last.

It takes more than fate
and more than love to be
truly one from troth to dust.
It takes honesty and trust —
and commitment is a must.
All of this we came to see
but we came too late.

It will come to pass
that I’ll be old some day
and I, too, will prize that verse.
The best times and the worst
could have been shared if we’d first
known that not a one came to stay
but they came to pass.

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