A Hymn of Surrender

Have Mine Own Way, Now

(with sincerest apologies to Adelaide Pollard and Geo. C. Stebbins)

See it my way, plebe
My way’s His way
I am the potter
You are the clay

I will remake you
formed to my will
after berating
you to be still.

Do it my way, grunt
Do it my way
You’re just not trying
Faster today

Whiter than snow your
face looks just now
As in my presence
frightened you bow.

Have mine own way, now
Have mine own way
Wounded and weary,
You need not pray

Pow’r of persuasion
Surely is mine!
I have convinced thee
My will’s divine!

Teach mine own way, slave
Teach mine own way
I hold o’er your mind
Absolute sway!

Broken your spirit
So all shall see
Only and always,
You’ll follow me!

~ Author known, but not telling

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