Blogging Sabbatical

After a 25-year absence, my carpal tunnel syndrome has returned with a vengeance – and this time in both arms.

So I’m cutting way back on my tweeting, facebooking and blogging.

I can just about get through a normal day’s work at the keyboard without hitting my pain tolerance limit, and that means limiting my extracurricular keyboarding and even my detail-intensive model railroading.

I’m also in a holding pattern for a couple of weeks while some blood tests and an EEG are analyzed after a bit of an episode several weeks ago in which my left arm/hand and left foot/calf started to swell, turn blue, experience intense pain, and then just as suddenly returned to normal a few minutes later. I was a bit disoriented – not thinking at my best – and instead of going to a doctor, napped it off.

I’m hoping it was a one-time thing, and nothing serious.

And that I can get back to my social nit-witting soon.

8 thoughts on “Blogging Sabbatical

  1. Just came by from FB to check on you, Keith. I’m SO sorry to hear about your troubles. Have you ever had surgery on your wrists?

    I suffer from pretty significant carpal tunnel in both arms, as well, but the neurologist doesn’t want me to have surgery if it can be helped because it tends to come back in diabetics. (What else is good news for diabetics about ANYTHING, anyway.) My fingers in both hands were getting totally numb, especially at night, but for about eight months now, I’ve been wearing the steel enforced wrist braces at night on both arms and that, so far, has eased my problems COMPLETELY. I’m due to go back to the neurologist for a checkup, but am pleased the braces are working.

    However, back in Feb. I had to have surgery on my left elbow for ulner nerve neuropathy that was really bad. The surgery wasn’t bad at all and my grip in my left hand, which was greatly compromised, is much better. (I’m left handed, naturally!)

    Your OTHER problem really concerns me, as well, Keith. You take care and keep up with the doctors. I hope they can find what was wrong and that you’ll be okay!!

    I’ll be praying, and that’s one of the things I do the very best!

    Love ya!


  2. You sound like me a few years ago … awake in bed about 3:30am convinced I was having a rather serious heart attack but not wanting to awaken my family. They all had to go to school that morning. Being a preacher at the time, I figured I could take the day off to die if necessary.

  3. Neurologist’s office called today: my EEG was “essentially normal.” Apparently I just experienced an isolated incidence of a vascular contraction. I think that’s what he said. Anyway, thanks for your prayers!

    I believe they have an effect.

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