Does the Holy Spirit Only Work Miraculously?

Short answer: No.

If we define “miraculously” as visible, audible, tangible manifestations of supernatural power, no.

Of the list of ways in scripture that the Spirit aids compiled in the previous post, these are the ways that I see that are, in some measure, miraculous:

  • Tongues / comprehensible foreign languages
  • Interpretation of tongues
  • Prophecy / revelation (especially of the foretelling kind)
  • “Signs, wonders and miracles” (I would include exorcism, specifically; and spiriting people away to other locations)
  • Healing (of illness, deformities, crippling inabilities)
  • Instructs through visions and dreams (not new doctrine, but specific instructions to individual people, such as “Don’t go to Bithynia; go to Macedonia and preach.”)

There were forty-eight ways listed in that post, and even if half of them duplicated the other half in ways that we might or might not perceive, that would be twenty-four. So let’s say at minimum there are at least four times as many ways that the the Holy Spirit works subtly – sometimes imperceptibly – to help believers witness the power of Jesus Christ to those who haven’t heard of Him or need to know more of Him.

His presence is to give life through the gospel, richer and selfless life here that leads to eternal life. (See How Does God Resurrect the Dead?)

I emphasize that because I find it characteristic of the Holy Spirit’s aid in scripture. The connection may not always be obvious, but I believe it is always there. I am open to being proven wrong about that, but even half-a-dozen exceptions would not disprove the support of the gospel as widely characteristic of the Spirit’s assistance.

Just take a look through the Acts of the Apostles as an example. First, the opening eight-and-a-half chapters. Then the last half. Go ahead; really. I’ll wait for you right here.

Finished? Did you find any exceptions? What were they? And is there a possibility, however remote, that the Spirit’s aid is still intended to help in the progress of the gospel, even if it’s not immediately apparent?

While He serves in the role as Counselor/Advocate in a primary way, He also serves in the role of Comforter. (It’s my understanding that paraclete can be interpreted accurately in both those ways.) Early believers knew that hard times were ahead; that their faith would be tested even to the point of death. The Spirit within them, as a seal and comfort of their resurrection to come, was meant to sustain them through the worst of human indignities, tortures, and death.

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