Okay, I admit it. I have become a shameless granny-driver.

I blame it on The Egg, my Prius hybrid.

Toyota put a heads-up readout on the dashboard that you can set to display your estimated MPG as you drive. It’s like a challenge, and it’s a challenge that I am not too wimpy to back down from.

When I drive, I try to make that readout go as high as I can.

Sometimes, that means some granny-driving. You know: 35 m.p.h. in a 35 m.p.h. zone (because the battery-powered EM mode can get you going that fast). Full stops at stop signs (so the gas motor will cut off). Coasting down hills willy-nilly and braking at speed bumps (it charges the battery array). Slow acceleration to speed rather than jackrabbit starts and anticipating stop signs and red lights by backing off the accelerator immediately (which will improve gas mileage in any car, hybrid or not).

I generally granny-drive on my way to work and on my way home. I take a little-used route through a pleasant housing development with low m.p.h. signage anyway. My route features a nicely-landscaped country club golf course, lots of private gardens, lovely homes, friendly joggers and walkers. I enjoy the drive. I don’t rush. I leave in plenty of time, and I don’t need to rush.

I don’t granny-drive all the time. I don’t granny-drive when there’s traffic pushing from behind. (Oh, all right, maybe the odd Jaguar or Hummer.) And I don’t granny-drive to be obnoxious. (Usually. Hey, there are two lanes, and no center lines!)

I granny-drive to get good mileage. And I succeed!

Coming back to work from lunch today, the readout was 63.5 MPG.

Your results may vary.

9 thoughts on “Granny-Driving

  1. I love it…granny driving in your Prius! I’m an 80 yr old granny but alas…I don’t granny drive. I do have a Toyota though that gets good gas mileage. Not like yours but I can’t afford to trade cars.

    Used to have a ‘lead-foot’ (like my mom) but these days I try just to keep up w/most of the traffic…rather than be run-down. Dallas traffic moves fast to fastest.

    I can just picture your scenic drive and it sounds so peaceful, relaxing and downright enjoyable…keep it up. Slower pace is good.

  2. I don’t know about the “better person” stuff. I can still scowl and growl while driving. I haven’t found a “How Would Jesus Drive?” Guide yet, so I’m winging it.

  3. Stacey, on a recent one-day road trip up to north Arkansas (Harrison), I did just that – filled up before leaving town; filled up on returning; and divided the total miles elapsed on the odometer by the actual number of gallons used. The estimator came up with 52.2 MPG; the actual by math was 53.9. There are a lot of hills on that trip! – which may have affected the dashboard estimator.

  4. My Escape hybrid doesn’t get quite the mileage that the Egg does, but it’s turned me into a bit of a granny-driver as well. When I drive, I’m in a constant state of competition with the little average mpg screen. Usually, I win.

  5. LOL you do know that taking the scenic route sort of works against the whole good mileage plan 🙂

    the odometer is challenging you to keep it as low as possible!

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