The Return of New Wineskins

I haven’t been at this blog very much recently. I’ve been very busy.

Over much of the holiday season, I’ve been trying to put New Wineskins ( back into good operating condition, adapting and installing new page templates, sketching out new editions and recruiting writers for them.

The January, 2012 edition opened a couple of days before Christmas and has been going strong with the theme of “Incarnation: Being Christ in the World.” I’ve been very excited about the quality and quantity of articles published.

Readers of this blog who are interested in writing for NW should check out the Writers Guidelines, and the quick descriptions of Future Editions. You might also want to get up to date with the ministry itself by reading my introductory article for the January edition.

NW needs reviewers of books, movies and music (from a believer’s point of view, of course), writers of articles related to the monthly themes and not related to them at all, creative types who write or take photos or create art. NW needs writers who will keep track of new items and upcoming events. NW needs fresh points of view and perspectives.

Let me know, please — at this blog, by e-mail on the site, or in comments there — what your reactions are.

We now return you to our irregularly unscheduled programming.

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