This Post Is Missing

I don’t take down a post very often, and never without prayerful consideration.

But I don’t blog in order to tick people off. Provoke people to think, sure. But not to just be ornery.

I’m afraid I may have come off that way, through my inability to communicate or unclarity of thought or even the possibility that I am flat-out wrong.

I appreciate the willingness of Nick Gill and Jennifer Thweatt-Bates (their blogs are linked to the right) to contact me via Facebook and cause me to reconsider. That’s what good friends do!

So this post may or may not reappear after reconsideration and rephrasing.

If not, you didn’t miss nuthin.’

Postscript: After reconsideration and rephrasing, the modified post has been re-posted and should appear below this one on the chronologically-listed pages.

4 thoughts on “This Post Is Missing

  1. I saw nothing wrong with it. In fact it was an interesting read. If that offended then I’m sure those offended would have been mortified at the sight of the cross – a naked nearly beat to death man hanging by large spikes to a wooden cross.

  2. I to kb thought it was a good post, maybe you can let us know what offended, may make a good discussion. If it was just the Hooter girls in Jerusalem, then I can understand why some may be offended, but even that was no big deal.

  3. I missed the post! Curiosity killed the cat . . . and I’m a cat lover . . . so I may be at risk of dying. Surely you would not want that on your conscience. IIIEEEAAA.

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