I Will Still Shave

Monday, I return to the ranks of telecommuters. I’ll be working at home again, concentrating on updating and putting the Web site of my home church into the best possible condition — hopefully, upgrading its Joomla operating system from antiquated version 1.2 to something a little more contemporary.

I’ll come back in to the church office on Tuesdays for staff meeting and to pick up changes for the online church directory and chat with ministry leaders about items that need to go on their Web sites.

I say “return” because I’ve done this before. After we moved back to Little Rock from Abilene, I continued to work as the Content Manager for the Abilene Reporter-News from 2001 through 2003. I retrieved content from the newspaper pages’ pasteup files through a Virtual Private Network connection and reformatted them to post on the Web site. So I’m used to working at home.

I had a personal standard that I tried to keep then and will try to keep now: I will still shave. I will still wear cologne. I will not work in my pajamas.

Or anyone else’s.

3 thoughts on “I Will Still Shave

  1. Eh…Sounds to me like you only have to shave on Tuesdays.

    And who needs PJs, when you could work in your underwear?!?!

    Seriously, tho, hope that you enjoy this new arrangement and that it works out nicely for you.

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