Break Free

I’ve become convinced that one of the most enslaving temptations is the one to judge. It just leads to all kinds of harm to others and self under the pretense of making you feel better about yourself by comparing yourself favorably to others.

As if we were somehow better.

What bullarkey.

The year is new. The opportunity is before us. It’s time to break free.

Judge the rightness of words and actions for yourself (Luke 12:57).

Don’t judge other people (Matthew 7:1; Luke 6:37; Romans 14:4-10).

Jesus didn’t (John 8:15) but will (Acts 10:42; 17:31).

Then again, He has an advantage we don’t have (John 8:16).

So leave it to the Expert (Romans 2:3).

Your time will come (1 Corinthians 6:3).

Do yourself and others a favor. Try the Greg Boyd shopping mall experiment:* Stop judging people around you and just love them today.

Then repeat 365 times.

You’ll have a full year of freedom from the terrible burden of judging others, and the freedom to love others sans judgment.

Keep trying. Chances are, with experience, we’ll all get better at it.

Take a stand for freedom in 2013.


*Click on the link to “Look Inside,” then on the one for “First Pages.”

2 thoughts on “Break Free

  1. Keith while Mr Boyd may write a book on harsh judgement, it seems to me he might be the last person to follow to correct that flaw in human nature.

    “We human beings are burdened by our tendencies to harshly judge others and ourselves. Unfortunately for believers, this bent is as prevalent in the church as in the world.”

    Keith surely this could not be classified as “harshly judging others unfairly”

    Pastor and author Gregory A. Boyd calls readers to a higher standard through understanding the true manner in which God views humanity: as infinitely worthwhile and lovable. Only an attitude shift in how we perceive ourselves in light of God’s love can impact how we relate to people and transform our judgmental nature.

    Since Mr. Boyd sets himself up as the judge of such things(by writing a book on how to cure it) therefore isn’t he judgeing the rest of us by his own standards.? And yes Jesus did judge others while here on earth. just ask the pharasees.

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