What can I say on this dark, rainy Holy Saturday about the resurrection of Jesus Christ that has not already been said, and more eloquently?

Probably nothing.

But I continue to repeat — to myself and to others — sometimes like a mantra of comfort:

“For my family and me, at this time of challenge, the resurrection is the single unique fact in all of human history that can bring us hope.”

In it, God shows His power, desire and passion to turn death into life, pain into bliss, tomb walls into gardens, darkness into light, hope into glory.

When all other alternatives are exhausted through human failure, He stands by the rolled-away stone in the divinely-perfected form of His Son and assures us:

“It is accomplished.

“It’s not over.

“It’s just beginning.”

5 thoughts on “Hope

  1. kb, I hope and pray that things are looking better for you and your family. But I must ask, what makes this Saturday a “holy” day?

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