A Few Words About Faith

We all have it.

Those are my few words about faith.

Some of us have faith in God. Some have faith in God through Jesus Christ. Some have faith in science, in their own abilities, in humanity and in its worthwhileness to be saved and helped to reach its full potential.

Those are good things to have faith in.

I believe God gives us faith, and He gives it in the measure He chooses and that we need because He loves us. If He gave some folks too much faith, they would invest it in themselves and become disappointments and dangers and despots. Like all of the other gifts given to us, through His Spirit or however, God gives as He determines (1 Corinthians 12, especially 7-11).

I don’t imagine that too many of my fellow believers in God would agree with me. Most would say that faith is what each of us generates of herself or himself, to the degree that each of us is willing to have it.

At the center of a very powerful teaching, Paul tells the believers in Ephesians (2:7-8):

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast.

Faith is God’s gift to us.

What — or whom — we place it in is our gift to Him … or to ourselves.

How do I know that we all have it? Because we are saved by grace through faith, and there is not a one of us that God wants to be lost (2 Peter 3:9).

So He gives us what we need.

In the measure that we need it.

And He waits.


To see what we will do with it.

4 thoughts on “A Few Words About Faith

  1. May I suggest that this “faith” is the faith *of* Christ, as in Gal. 2:16. Galatians is much clearer whose faith it is, but it seems to me to be somewhat similar. “Not by anything of your own…”. Jesus’ faith, then? God’s grace, Christ’s faith. We do nothing. Christ is, indeed, God’s gift to us.

    • I disagree, but politely and respectfully. “Faith” in the Ephesians verse is opposed to “works.” Since we are saved by Christ’s work(s), then the “faith” referred to in the verse is ours, not His.

      Similarly, in the context of the Galatians verse, “we put our faith in” (not “of”) “Christ Jesus.”

      What we do with our faith matters. He has done the work of salvation by His faith. Putting our faith in Him (and acting accordingly) demonstrates that we accept that salvation, that Christ-ness – rather than rejecting it in favor of putting our faith in ourselves (and doing the works that please ourselves).

    • Yet here is an interlinear which translates the same Greek word as “in.”


      We can’t make too much of one word here because it can be used as at least these two different articles in English.

      It’s crucial that both we and Jesus display our faith. He showed His faith in the Father (to raise Him) and in us (to carry His faith forward) by what He did.

      We must show our faith in Him by what we do, too – or we’re not imitators and witnesses of His faith.

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