The post I used to hate seeing

I used to blog here.

Every once in a while, I see my bookmark for this place, and I think “I ought to post something.”

But I don’t remember what I used to think was important enough for me to write about — as if I know anything about anything.

I think I used to write because I was a spiritual person. Then one day, that person got up out of my chair and moved to a different planet and never looked back.

So I’m posting this instead, which is not important at all. I used to see posts like this, and I hated seeing them:

“Nothing to post, but I just thought I’d let you know I’m still alive.”

So now you have something to hate reading, too.

7 thoughts on “The post I used to hate seeing

  1. Keith, I’m glad you’re still alive. I’ve gotten out of the habit of posting lately myself, although I plan to resume. For me, I suspect it has been the combination of grieving the death of my son, and to a much lesser extent, the excitement coupled with tons of work of moving to start preaching at at congregation. I pray that each day brings you healing and wellness, so that even if you never post again, you may at least ponder thoughts of significance and know joy.

  2. Dear Keith, we’ve never met, but my sister-in-law was so moved and — shall I say edified? — by your words that she sent them to me and I finally signed up to receive your blog myself. Since she and I are both great lovers of words and lovers of God, I would request that you reconsider the value of those words. They were not merely the cries of grief or the questions of pain. They were valuable, and they had a positive effect of those who read them. The words you have written now sound like those of someone who is seriously questioning and wrestling with old and new identity. That is good. They also make me wonder if you might be clinically depressed and need some biochemical assistance. In any case, I send you strong encouragement to continue writing, whether it be for others’ consumption or not. Your voice needs to be heard, especially by you. Writing is a great way to do that. May you find God meeting you in surprising ways and places.

    • You are most kind, Gwen. I’m considering seeking treatment … my daughter suffers from depression and anxiety disorders and has been prescribed medication for it. Since there are just the two of us in the household now, I’m reticent to take meds too. But I will take it under advisement.

      • Wish I was there to have coffee with you Keith. There is a fellowship of guys like us who have lost their wives of 20+ years. I am always amazed at how encouraged I am when I share a cup of coffee with a guy who has experienced great loss.

        Also, if you remember to, please pray for my dear friend Don. His wife Beth passed away suddenly from a blot clot on Thanksgiving Day. I am hoping to be able to just be there for him in the weeks and months ahead.

        Blessings to you.

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