What Would Have Been

Today is the day.

Today would have been the 25th wedding anniversary for Angi and me.

We only made it to 22 before she went on to her next life a few short months later.

Angela BrentonI had plans for today, or at least a day somewhere in the neighborhood of today. I started thinking about our 25th when we first moved to North Carolina. I had plans to commemorate the day we became engaged — and remember our 20th on Napa Valley’s wine train. I had hoped we could enjoy a luncheon excursion on the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad. This tour would have been nice, to Dillsboro where we used to live.

Of course, it won’t happen now. It’s a what-would-have-been.

Life is full of what-would-have-beens. Things we hope for; things we plan; things that ought to happen, but never do.

Maybe there’s a continuum in eternity for all the would-have-beens to actually take place.

Maybe that’s where they belong.

Because life is also full of what-we-shareds and what-we-achieveds and what-we-were-givens, and those are real. You can look back on them and treasure them and celebrate them, and no one and nothing but fading memory can take them away from you, ever.

So today is the day for all of those.

Today is the day for what’s real.

For memory that persists. For plans that did happen. For dreams that did come true. For what we have and what we’ve had.

Today is that day.

2 thoughts on “What Would Have Been

  1. Your memories are extra-beautiful because they were made with Angi—an exceptional human being. How fortunate are you!
    Thank you for sharing your possible silver anniversary plans with us. We celebrate with you yours & Angi’s marriage.🔔

  2. “Today is the day for what’s real.” – Well put Keith.

    Ellen died a few weeks short of our 23rd anniversary. That was in 1994. I still miss her. My kids miss her. I wonder what might have been if she had been healed. Yet the reality is that she died and my life has been different than I expected.

    So today I will try to take your message to heart. By God’s grace, I will look back, treasure and celebrate the life that was and the life that is. Because the life that is will soon become the life that was.

    Blessings to you brother.

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