Candor Ahead

After all, if I can’t be candid with you folks after almost 14 years, I can’t be candid with anyone.

I don’t write much anymore.

This is tough for a writer to admit.

I know it’s a kind of writer’s block, and last night I figured out/admitted which one it is.


Not fear of failure, but of unintended success. I’m afraid that once I start, it will all come tumbling out, burbling in words of anger and frustration and sorrow at the way the world is and shouldn’t be. I’m afraid I will successfully communicate the way I feel using the words I normally wouldn’t use and I will cause wounds and rifts and pains that would at least be minimized if I keep holding them in. I’m afraid the words will take on the power of incantations that alienate and destroy.

No, you’re right; keeping them in is probably not healthy. And I do share them in prayer, very candidly, but I don’t get a lot of response these days.

So I keep on not writing.

And that is probably not healthy either.

I fumbled along in a writing job graciously offered for several years, earning part of my keep by maintaining a web site as well, but pretty much incapable of writing to meet the needs of my employer and audiences. I will always be grateful for that opportunity, and saddened that I wasn’t able to live up to the challenge.

Sure, there are thousands of texts out there that say “You were able! You are now! Just try! Just do it! Be a Nike sneaker!” and people like me buy them thinking that somehow they will be the needed kickstart and magically boot the chockblock from in front of the wheels. But they don’t.

The old magic isn’t there, because unleashing it would level Hogwarts.

So it’s best to chain it in the dungeon with the three-headed dogs and gigantic spiders and monstrous serpents and just say it isn’t there.

At least for now.

Until the spell can be found to keep it disciplined and under control.

4 thoughts on “Candor Ahead

  1. Keithers, I so relate! I had another friend who is an author, and who, before the election, was going to back me in writing a book about my life. I was writing at a pretty good clip until the day after. After that, neither of us can summon what it takes to continue. He’s stopped writing too–and I cannot find it within myself to think that anything I would have previously written, *matters*. It’s all come to a complete, full stop. So I totally empathize with you, my friend. And it makes me sad for you–and for all of us who won’t get to read your writing anymore. But if it’s not there, it can’t be forced or magicked–unlike at Hogwarts.

  2. I enjoy your posts Keith and your candor. Perhaps you should keep writing, without publishing for awhile (save those writings) and see how you feel about publishing at a later time. It might at least keep the words pouring, unleash the block and who knows…..

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