Kingdom Christianity Expressed in Acts

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Forgive the double-entendre in the title, but it illustrates the principle that you find throughout Luke’s sequel, and that those acts of preaching often were accompanied by acts of mercy and compassion:

  • Jesus came back to talk “kingdom” 40 days (Acts 1:3)
  • Timetables weren’t part of the agenda (Acts 1:6)
  • Philip preached it (Acts 8:12)
  • Paul and Barnabas preached it, with a prophecy of trouble (Acts 14:21-23)
  • Paul argued it persuasively (Acts 19:31)
  • He committed to it, foreknowing the consequences (Acts 20:25)
  • He explained and declared it (Acts 28:23)
  • Boldly and unhindered, right up to the end (Acts 28:31)

And Paul and others wrote about it – what it isn’t and what it is:

That it is to be inherited, but not by everyone:

The inheritors receive it as a gift:

And they were both receiving it and would receive it soon:

Okay, I sneaked in a lot more than just the book of Acts here. Still, the theme of “acts of service” in the kingdom is consistent.

If we are concerned with sharing and serving, we don’t have to be concerned about the timing of the breaking in and coming of the kingdom.

We’re part of it.

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