Fair Enough

You get all kinds of comments on an open blog – and this one is. Today I received this comment to an archived post:

“I think you misunderstand the Scriptures, the Restoration Movement, and the Church of Christ.”

That was almost all it said.

Not specific, to be sure. But gentle, tempered by the words “I think” and “misunderstand.” Just the kind of rebuke I would want to receive, and rebuke is a scriptural concept too frequently abused and infrequently done well.

I would have to agree that I often do not understand the Scriptures, the Restoration Movement, or the Church of Christ.

I don’t claim to have answers – possible answers, maybe – but I have a lot of questions.

I respect mystery as a key aspect of God’s nature, and therefore His Word.

I think everyone should study and come up with his/her own answers and possible answers, because the struggle with some issues is sometimes more important than the answers we perceive.

My initial reaction has been tempered by a recent post by fellow blogger David U. Though I share the skepticism of another fellow blogger, Fred Peatross, that “that blogs will ever become a link/connection to those Jesus misses most”, my commenter is making an honest effort at it.

I know, because the rest of the comment I received from him yesterday was a name, and a URL to a blog. In fairness to the points of view expressed there – whether I agree with all of them as crucial items in a relationship with God through Christ is immaterial – I’d like to post a link to it:


It may help someone passing through this blog to come up with answers that draw him or her to Christ – or closer to Him – and I am all for that!

4 thoughts on “Fair Enough

  1. Two things, Keith. First, props for your awesome attitude and gentle spirit.

    Second, I wanted to tell you your ongoing Bible study on the kingdom is having a profound ifnluence on me. As I was working on junior high curriculum yesterday I found myself thinking, “maybe we should do something on the kingdom…” At least there wouldn’t be any shortage of biblical material!

  2. Keith, I went to his site. I think it is a good site for those who have never read any scripture.
    I would encourage those who go there to not expect that to be the definitive place to find scripture, rather to go to the source itself……the Bible. I believe his blog serves a good purpose. Like you, I am all for that. I think it can be a blessing to some folks.

    In closing I will be transparent enough to tell you that I clicked on one of his earlier posts, and read enough to know I won’t go back to read anymore. That’s ok too. There are no telling how many folks that come to your blog or mine one time and never come back again. God bless them too…..isn’t that what freedom in Christ is all about?

    Also, I wish he had explained what he meant when he said what he did about your “misunderstanding”. Seems like if he was concerned about your misunderstanding, he would have wanted to have a discussion with you about it, speaking the truth in love.

    Thanks for sharing all of this with us!

  3. Keith,
    I am an occasional reader of your blog. I have really been interested in your short course on the kingdom as found in the scriptures! After this post I plan on adding you to my links so I can remember to check in more often. Your reply to what I would jump to assume is a attack was gentle, loving and resulted in a reply I would have assumed wouldn’t happen. God Bless You! Maybe someday I can get you to encourage some family in Little Rock. Thanks for the example.

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