All I Can Change Is Me

I confess I love to read blogs that talk about a church that is emerging from old limitations and sometimes indefensible restrictions.

I crave the ideas that posit what that church might look like.

I even feast on the ones which decry the way it looks now, though I usually feel guilty afterwards (and even more guilty when I’ve written one)!

So I’m going to share some of my more recent guilty pleasures with you:

But even as I read and gobble down the extraordinary insights, dire prophecies and heavenly visions … I keep coming back to the profound observation I read last year on a long-lost blog, to the effect that “The emerging church will only happen after there are emerging Christians.”

And I have to accept the fact that all I can change is me.

Correction: All I can do is let Christ change me.

2 thoughts on “All I Can Change Is Me

  1. You have said it well. Your passion on the subject denotes a “hunger” to reach beyond the walls of the church.May God Bless You On Your Journey.Be Blessed,Mike

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