HeartWorship: He Runs To Me

I squandered youth in distant lands
And spent my fortune with poor friends
Now I feed pigs in filthy pens
They run to me
They run to me

At home, the slaves eat better food
My Father never treats them rude
Were I His slave, he’d treat me good
I’ve come to me
I’ve come to me

“See! My Father, waiting, stands;
See! He reaches out His hands;”*
And then He does what love demands
He runs to me
He runs to me

I’ll never see Him quite the same
While I sought wealth and power and fame
He watched at home, and called my name
Then ran to me
Then ran to me

*This couplet is borrowed from the hymn “Love for All” by Samuel Longfellow
(with a tune by Xavier Schnyder). Remainder ©2005, WKB

One thought on “HeartWorship: He Runs To Me

  1. AWESOME! Visualizing this song puts chill-bumps on me. Some of us can relate so well to this special parable. Me being one of those some. Thanks for sharing it with us!DU

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