One Sweet Diagnosis

Fred Peatross is posting notes from Len Sweet at the NexChurch Conference at Kentucky Christian University, and if you’re having trouble fitting into the “modern” paradigm – or even if you’re not – they are well worth your perusal/evaluation/meditation.

See Notes from NexChurch Conference; Len Sweet.

I have concerns about modernism. I have concerns about post-modernism. Modernism seems to favor the notion that rationality is God; post-modernism seems to prefer the idea that God is passion. Both, of course, are true.

Not just one or the other.

Those of us who grew up tiring of the church radio format of “all-rational; all-the-time” find fresh hope in examining the other side of the coin.

One coin. Two sides.

(Okay, I’ll stop beating you about the head – and heart – with my disdain of “only one way to view things” thinking now.)

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