Humble Pi

Today has been humble pi. “Humble” because it has been an humbling experience … first, in Bible class this morning, being humbled by the confession of a brother who has been giving in to his addiction to pain medication following a back injury a couple of years ago. The thirty or so of us in class just gathered around him, put our hands on his shoulders, hugged his neck, and prayed as two elders led us.

Then, this evening, being humbled by the courage of a close friend sharing the lamentations he and his wife shared ten years ago this week at the loss of their infant son.

I will never forget the words the minister shared at that funeral that the two of them had shared with him:

“We don’t know why God took our son home. But we also don’t know why He blessed us with a beautiful older daughter, and family and friends to love and support us.”

Such wisdom; such eternal perspective.

Why “Pi”?

I guess that eternal perspective. God’s unending love glimpsed so clearly for those moments in all its length and breadth and heighth and depth that nothing could separate us from it.

That, and the inexpressible nature of the feeling of humility it gives you, and the perception of His greatness. Like the exact value of pi, you can just go on and on adding expression after expression to describe it, but you would never reach the end.

Never ever ever.


5 thoughts on “Humble Pi

  1. I hate Math, but I love your thoughts. I’ve been slapped in the face with a conviction about humility this weekend. Thanks for gently adding to it. I may have to blog about this sometime.Keith, you rock. I love your thoughts. I can’t wait to meet you someday. Are you going to the Zoe conference by any chance?

  2. I wish I could say yes, I’m going; but my current job expires this Friday and I need to try to lock down something new very soon. I don’t know that it will be something that would make me available for Look to the Hills this year ….

  3. I hate math as well, but nice metaphor. What do you mean, I’m going to need to carry around a big stick to keep away stupid boys now? For a new job, consider joining the GASB. I can’t pay you much, though, so maybe that’s not such a great idea.

  4. It’s a compliment, Teresa! And I probably wouldn’t make a great ambassador for Girls Against Stupid Boys, since I am of the male gender and from time to time I am less than intelligent.

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