Can an XML Feed Your Spiritual Need?

New Wineskins now has two XML feeds – specialized snippets of code which you can use to keep track of the latest updates to our articles and blog, respectively.

“That’s nice,” you might think, “but when I click on them I see nothing but codelby-gook.”

Quite true. To make them work for you, you right-click on each (click-and-hold, if you’re a Mac user), and drag to something like “Copy Link Location” and release. Then you paste them – when prompted – into an application for your desktop (such as FeedReader or others found at RSS Info) which can read them, or into a Web site / aggregator (such as BlogLines or My Yahoo) which can read them.

The New Wineskins Blog feed is in Atom format; the article feed is in RSS format. Both use XML. Now that tells you a whole lot, doesn’t it? The fact is, neither format has gained an advantage over the other, and since the blog’s feed is automatically generated in Atom, I just thought it might satisfy the RSS stalwarts to offer the article feed in their format. Many reader and aggregator applications can track both kinds of feeds for you (and most of the earlier versions of them).

If you’re interested, Blogdigger hosts a growing Church of Christ Blog Aggregator group, where you will also find the New Wineskins Blog listed.

Oh, yes, there’s also a JavaScript feed for both New Wineskins articles and blog posts that you’ll see on a few blogs and sites. I’m hoping to move that to the new site’s host server soon and will contact as many of that feed’s hosts as I can before it happens, so they can carry the current one on their blogs and sites.

I hope all the feeds help satisfy your spiritual needs.

(The new one for articles is linked to the headline above.)

6 thoughts on “Can an XML Feed Your Spiritual Need?

  1. Keith – I always think I know a little bit about computers, etc, until I talk with or read someone like you who makes me feel like I’m listening to and/or reading some foreign language. Your current post is a prime example. I understand absolutely NONE of it of any significance! I actually would like to learn more about all of it so I could use it to some advantage I probably do not even perceive in my ignorance about such things. There are plenty of younger members of my own family, including one son, two sons-in-law (counting my stepdaughter’s husband) and others, who I could learn from if they had the time to spend with me to teach me. But, alas, their lives are full and busy and in very distant places from here.I’m sure there are probably some local outlets and community “colleges” where I could go to learn, too, but at this late stage of my life probably won’t. Instead, I am like Blanche DuBois in “Streetcar Named Desire” and must depend, once in a great while, “upon the kindness of strangers,” mostly of the tech support kind over the phone or internet, to help me do whatever it is I need to do on the computer every once in a while when I’m in a bind.But, I’m sure you’re helping a lot of people with this post so I’ll just wait for one that is in my language!!Hope the new job is going well.

  2. Keith –You are a nerd… that’s all there is to it… you’re just a nerd.But I speak for the millions <>and millions<> of Keith fans when I say:We love you.

  3. I <>am<> a nerd, Brian!And, Dee, it is truly scary to me how fast things change in the online world … six months ago I had never heard of an XML feed. Now I’m writing them.My ministers at church are wanting to know if we can start < HREF="" REL="nofollow">vlogging<> – that’s blogging with video. Now that Apple has released a video iPod, people can actually download things like Sunday sermons and watch them on an iPod – they’re even indexed in iTunes among the podcasts!

  4. RSS feeds intrigue me, but I can’t get started with them. Which reader or service to use? How to use them best? Part of it for me is it seems to strip most of the personality out of the experience of reading blogs. I get simple plain text of articles rather than the full experience of visiting the site. Kinda like the difference between an email or letter from a friend and a visit. Seems like it would save a unch of time, though. Any tips on how a guy like me could get started?

  5. Keith, I had no idea you knew how to speak Chinese. We have some exchange students here at HU….I will get them to come up and translate!DU

  6. What a cool job you have. It is great to work with people who are forward thinking.Me I am just a “wannabe” I know only enough to be dangerous, but I did understand what you were talking about. That scares me a little.

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