I Feel A Tap on My Virtual Shoulder

I’ve been tagged by Brian Burkett over at This Road That We Travel, where I don’t think I have ever actually posted anything though I have been invited.

The meme challenge is to pick out your twenty-third post, find the fifth sentence and ponder any deep hidden psychological meanings that may be found therein, and post your ponderings.

Well, the fifth sentence of my twenty-third post was:

“You can read more about it at http://www.ualr.edu/cpsdept/bridgingthedivide/.”

It was a post about the Bridging the Divide panel that my wife Angi put together as an event associated with the opening of the Clinton Presidential Library here in Little Rock last fall.

Deep hidden psychological meanings?

I’m a positive person, for the most part, and I believe in an individual’s innate power to achieve, especially when augmented by the Holy Spirit … so perhaps “You can” sums up my position on that.

I hold a B.A. in journalism from Harding University, so I guess “read more about it” might be a transliteration of the streetcorner paperboy‘s slogan of a hundred years ago: “Extry! Extry! Read all about it!”

“At” is a preposition which is only one letter off from “proposition” which is what I made when I asked Angi to marry me and that was the best decision I’ve ever made even if it may not have been hers. And we were “at” one of my favorite places in the world when I proposed – on the luncheon train at Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

The link goes to the UALR site. Angi works there. I used to work there. I managed the Chancellor’s Web pages. Linking is something I do. I do Web. I link. I link related and unrelated things. Lance Link was a secret chimp. I don’t know what was secret about it. It was obvous he was a chimp. I find absurdities like these in the links between unrelated items which amuse me. I’m just peculiar that way.

Good grief! Are you still with me? I put in as many links as I could so you could have an excuse to escape this insufferable drivel politely!

Now I’m supposed to tag five other unfortunates to do the same thing with this meme.

For crying out loud, why would I saddle anyone with the nonsense I just went through?

Sorry. Not in my nature.

But if it sounds fun to you and the fifth of your twenty-third has a lot more potential than mine, please consider yourself tagged and be sure to leave me a comment so I won’t miss it, will you?

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