Thank You for My Blogging Community

The lurkers, the commenters, the readers, the browsers, the click-pasters and e-pastors; the church members, church seekers, church-sick; elders, deacons, ministers, leaders, followers; friends, acquaintances, and completely-unknown-to-me folks who drop by here for a visit once in a while.

We’re an unusual group, aren’t we?

Every kind of background, gender, color, race, creed or lack thereof. All sorts of points of view on all sorts of matters. But we meet each other here and at other blogs and we interact, commune, agree, disagree, bicker, discuss, praise, decry, consent, assent, and dissent – for the most part, amicably.

We don’t have to agree all the time, or on everything. Most of us agree that Jesus of Nazareth is the living Christ, Lord and Person of the Triune God, and most of the rest of the truly important things we believe are simply details of that core faith. And we’d do whatever we had to do if we could persuade the rest of that one central, foundational, incontrovertible fact.

I’m grateful beyond description for each and every one of you … for the staggered time we’ve spent “together,” for the way you’ve stretched and challenged me, for the kindness and forgiveness you’ve offered.

Thank you, God, for my blogging buddies – and for changing my life for the better through them.

5 thoughts on “Thank You for My Blogging Community

  1. Keith, you have truly blessed all of us over these past few years with your wonderful posts. I count your blog as one of my blessing in life! I am not much, but I would be even less without your insights and wisdom that you share thru your blog. Don’t ever quit posting brother! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!DU

  2. I don’t think we’re a “strange lot,” Donna. A little obsessive/compulsive when it comes to blogging non-stop and reading an ever more increasing group of buddies’ blogs, maybe, but other than that – we’re all an okay group, you know?Well – all right, we may not fit in too well with the rest of the world or with our “every day” friends and family, but, hey – we’ve got each other, right?!Oh, Keith – this is YOUR blog post here. Oops. Sorry about that.Well, that being the case, I’ll join you in thanksgiving (in honor of your post and the week) for every single one of you out there and right here in our blogging community. I know that for myself, I could NOT have made it through the past several months without ALL of you. Every single one.Life is hard sometimes, you know? But when we share it together, whatever our differences, we are truly a community and this blogging community has been a tremendous blessing to me.Dee

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