Thank You for Creativity

Creativity is the most sincere flattery of our Creator – Who, of course, gave it to us like everything else. But our choice to use it to His glory must surely be satisfying to Him.

Last night while my kids were good-naturedly roughhousing and while Angi was reading a draft of UALR’s Strategic Plan, I worked on a logo design for my church’s brand-spanking new Family Life Center. It was fun. I haven’t done that kind of work in years, and it’s satisfying.

Maybe not as satisfying, though, as reading something creative your child has written in school.

So, in honor of the holiday, I present (unedited) a story crafted by my 9-year-old daughter, Laura:

Just as ever one sat down to the Thanks giving tabble, the turkey came a live and it started to eat all the other food unfortunately we did knot have any food left and all the stores where closed so we went to are frieds hous they didnot have any eather and it kept going on and on then the turkey baked something wird but it was very good. The End

Well, there you have it: a modern-day classic with a twist at the end worthy of Rod Serling; a story of sacrifice, resurrection, surprise, gluttony, desperation, hunger, community, social frustration – and redemption.

The penitent turkey baked something weird, but it was very good.

I don’t know what your plans for the holiday are, but chances are they will not include anything like what this epic describes.

We’re not planning to spend a fortune on groceries, cook to excess, travel long distances, gorge ourselves with leftovers, or spend too much time cleaning up. There won’t be quite the same opportunity at our own table at home to wonder if the turkey will come alive and gobble down our feast, leaving us to wander with our neighbors from door to door and at closed, dark grocery stores. Even though we’re blessed to have two world-class chefs in the immediate family, we’re giving Angi and Gran the day off and pursuing a more creative holiday.

We’re going to Cracker Barrel.

Then, after returning home for a tryptophan-inspired doze through the Cowboys game, we just might do something creative together.

Like starting to decorate the house for Christmas.

Thank you, God, for investing and entrusting some of your creativity with us, Your children. May we use it always and only to Your glory.

(And thank you, God, for Cracker Barrel!)

2 thoughts on “Thank You for Creativity

  1. I think our thanksgivings will look quite similar. We too will head to Cracker Barrel since it’s just me, my wife and daughter this year. I love that day though, it truly is the only day all year where I do nothing, literally. Going out to eat will be the biggest stress I deal with. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Keith – Please pray for us tonight. We really need it. Tom left home yesterday (Tuesday) morning to go to work here in “Katrina Zone” in Picayune, Mississippi at the newspaper and won’t be able (as of late this afternoon, due to yet another (!) employee quitting- walking out) to come home until probably about 1 a.m. tomorrow morning, having had NO sleep – Thanksgiving Day – for a few hours, before going back to work.We desperately need all of your vervent prayers.

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