Come Back to the Table

John Mark Hicks has begun a new series at his blog about his further thoughts on Christians’ time in communion together since he wrote the landmark book Come to the Table.

I usually put a <target=”_blank”> tag in my links that opens a new window to those links so you can come back here easily. I haven’t done that here. Just click on any one of the links above and don’t waste any more of your time coming back here; you’ll be blessed for it.

The first post in his series is his prioritized wish list for table time with the Lord each week. It would take a sea change in many fellowships to make even a few of these wishes come true, but it would be worth it.

I was very disagreeable with John Mark Hicks earlier this year because I had a mistaken impression that he was describing in his book what he felt was the only way to celebrate the Lord’s Supper. After his gracious replies and a more careful re-reading of the work, I can’t imagine how I formed it. If anything, he seeks to restore the original spirit of the original table, and suggests ways – mechanics if you must call them that – to achieve it. I said “ways.” I think my mistake was to presume that they would all have to be implemented, and there is no such wording beyond a wistful hope – and that hope is one that I have largely come to share.

What are you doing still reading this drivel?

Did I not give you clear links?

4 thoughts on “Come Back to the Table

  1. Now, Keith – What you write is never “drivel!” And I like to read you AND John Mark. You both have a lot to say, each in your own way and from your own perspective.So, have a good day, and keep blogging!

  2. Hadn’t been by in a while, busy with school, and I come to find exactly what I was looking for a good book to read over christmas break. I’m going to read over all the old posts I’ve missed, and recall why I like reading your blog so much.

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