HeartWorship: Hungering for What’s Holy

“We learn we too have meat to eat that the world does not know about (John 4:32, 34). Fasting unto our Lord is therefore feasting – feasting on Him and on doing His will.” – Spirit of the Disciplines by Dallas Willard

When Jesus alienates many who would have followed him in John 6:35-57 by declaring that His flesh is food and His blood is beverage, His meanings are many:

  • that we should hunger and thirst after His righteousness
  • that our humanity should be sustained by His divinity
  • that we should be famished for doing His father’s will

We’re blessed to share in the symbol of His table together in worship each week – but we’re also challenged to worship by serving the table needs of others who hunger, both physically and spiritually, throughout the week.

5 thoughts on “HeartWorship: Hungering for What’s Holy

  1. Learning this beyond knowledge is so important. It must mean something more than parrot-talk. This is the place where I struggle.

  2. Love the imagery of taking the table outward by filling the hungers of our community with Jesus. Never really thought about communion in this way before. It’s seemed such an inward thing.

  3. I dunno, Teresa – it was that way when we lived there, too. But there was no Starbucks in those savage, prehistoric days early in the century … and we consoled ourselves as well as we could with the occasional chocky from Vleta’s.

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