The Problem With Being Right All The Time

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. It’s the way God made us.

The Problem With Being Right All The Time is that we have to be strong in everything and weak in nothing to get there.

Jesus tells us to be perfect, as our Heavenly Father is perfect. Yet He knows we’re completely incapable of it, so He pays for our perfection with His own blood so that He can give it to us as a gift.

The Problem With Being Right All The Time is that we can get confused about whether it is Jesus who has given us perfection, or whether it is something that we have earned by ourselves.

God wants us to reach out in love and compassion to others, especially others whom we can bless and who desperately need it.

The Problem With Being Right All The Time is that we may avoid reaching out to others who are wrong and whose wrongness may somehow corrupt our rightness. It may prevent us from recognizing their desperate need because it prevents us from seeing our own.

God wants us to be forgiving without being judgmental. Okay, that’s just a really tall order right there.

The Problem With Being Right All The Time is that we feel we almost have to be judgmental before we can be forgiving … and it can make us feel that we have a moral responsibility to point out the immoral irresponsibility of others, early and often. Which makes it much more difficult to reach much of anyone.

Jesus was forgiving long before He promised to return in judgment. That’s the example He left us.

The Problem With Being Right All The Time is that we people who feel we ourselves are in no particular danger of judgment are just not sympathetic towards people who (we feel) REALLY ARE in danger of judgment but don’t particularly feel it themselves. We feel very little urgency about the judgment, since we ourselves are safe and immune and guaranteed a free ticket to the very nicest luxury suburb of heaven where only other people like us will live forever.

At least that’s how I see The Problem With Being Right All The Time.

(I could be wrong about it.)

7 thoughts on “The Problem With Being Right All The Time

  1. another problem with being right all the time is that nobody wants to be around you, or talk to you, because you will end up telling them how they are wrong….or at least that’s what I think….

  2. I have been thinking about something similar lately too. Mostly about me and how little I’m right compared to how much I think I am, how little grace I give others for not being as right as me and how absolutely ungodly that is. And how powerless I feel to change it.I so resemble this post. And it sucks.Thanksfully God is more gracious that I.

  3. hummmm. I would say something but I might be wrong. We all think we are right. It is when we act like we could never be wrong that we stink to others.

  4. Remember the scene from Happy Days when the Fonz couldn’t say he was “Wrrrrrrrr”. He couldn’t get the word out! 🙂 That’s us. I think that is one thing that bothers some of the institutional folks amongst us the most……they are scared to death they might have to admit we could have gotten off the track just a WEE bit somewhere along the road! Not on their watch! They’ve spent a life time telling everybody else how WRONG they were, and in their arrogance they can’t accept in themselves the possibility that they might not be perfect. What a burden that must be! People who feel little need for God’s grace also talk about it very little….and give it very little also.I thank God for His grace, that covers me in my wrongness.

  5. Of course, in Christian circles it is safer to be wrong. In church, no one crucifies the guilty. Self-righteousness is blind, but seldom loses the power to speak.

  6. Another blogger (thanks salguod!) has similar things on his heart today:< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Cerulean Sanctum<>

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