Only One Way to Worship

I’m generally cautious about “only one way” thinking. It tends to discredit alternatives, some of which are perfectly acceptable.

But I have to agree that there is only one way to worship.

In spirit and in truth.


With your whole life; not just part-time.

Accepting others.


With singing.

Speaking to each other, as well as to God.

By the Spirit of God.

By drawing near.

With thanksgiving. Acceptably, with reverence and awe.

With fear and a willingness to give God glory.

Forever. And ever. And ever.


And while I note that there are a lot of things that scripture does not say about what is required or forbidden in worship, what it does say is more than I confess I have been doing.

7 thoughts on “Only One Way to Worship

  1. I must be a little dense today. Are the links correct for ‘By drawing near’ and ‘With fear and a willingness to give God the glory’.My understanding does not see your conclusion for these two. The overall message is very clear. Thanks for your insight.

  2. Paul, you’re not dense. I am. I accidentally repeated two scriptures. Try ’em again, and (as Eeyore would say) thanks for noticin’.

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