A Dead Run to Emmaus

I often have this fear that I am on the road to Emmaus.

And I don’t recognize Jesus for who He is.

Because I am running right past Him.

He wants to walk with me, and I am going at a dead run, mourning Him all the way, but too anxious to get there and share the news that He’s gone when He’s already back – alive and well and willing to comfort, strengthen and counsel.

I need to slow down.

I need to look under the shade of each hooded stranger to see if His face is there.

I need to dine with Him each week, with my heart burning within me.

I need a walking Companion.

4 thoughts on “A Dead Run to Emmaus

  1. I can personally attest to the value of slowing down and looking for Jesus in everyone about me and what a wonderful experience it can be.But be careful what you ask for Keith because you may get it. I wasn’t looking for it in that way, myself, but found when forced to spend long hours, days and months in confinement at home that in the end, it has been so very rewarding.I had already well begun to the process of slowing down and highly recommend it. It’s SO difficult when we’re in the middle of busy lives with high demand work, children, home life, “church” life, etc. But looking back I see that that was when I needed to slow down most and think you are doing well to seek to do that.Cheers! Dee P. S. Speaking of time – have you yet had the time to drop by to see your winning tree entry posted there? Thanks for the entry and all the help you gave me with it.

  2. Keith, you have the coolest thoughts. I love your heart and look forward to the day that blog becomes sight and we meet in person.

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